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Northwest Journey provides a community-based treatment option by offering comprehensive intervention and preventative services aimed at preventing out of home placements and creating family stability and individual success. In addition, Northwest Journey provides therapeutic support services for children, adolescents, and families transitioning back to the community from out-of-home placements.

Northwest Connections(NWC) provides Emergency Mental Health Services to contracted counties in WI. This program is a collaborative effort between those county partners, service providers and law enforcement. NWC’s goal is to provide the least restrictive response to all crisis situations. Each county contracts for its specific service needs.

Family Directed, Family Centered, Child Focused
The aim of providing outpatient outreach services within the school setting is to engage children and families who are in need of professional help to overcome mild to moderate mental health symptoms. We focus on helping the child overcome/ manage these symptoms by working individually with the child but also by working with the child’s family system.

A Community Support Program (CSP) provides comprehensive and intensive case management and rehabilitation services to person with chronic mental illnesses. Typically, these services are provided to adults. There are a few programs in the state that have children enrolled in the CSP. The reason that adults are the main population is the program criteria require that the mental illness be chronic

Northwest Counseling and Guidance Clinic (NWCGC) in a collaborative effort with a county Department of Human Services (DHS) provides Daily Living Skills and Mentoring services for children and families that reside within the respective county.

Northwest Transportation Specialists provides non-emergency medical transportation throughout the state of Wisconsin. Our affiliation with Northwest Journey has given us the experience to specialize in the transportation of children and adolescents going to school and day treatment programs. Northwest Transportation has also partnered with Medical Transportation Management to provide additional transportation within communities across the state

Northwest Counseling and Guidance Clinic wants your time in treatment to be an exceptional experience.

Because of this, we need your help and ask that you share your voice and your opinion about our services.
The Northwest Counseling & Guidance Clinic Difference:

SPEAK UP: Share your thoughts about how we can better help you and how we can make our services fit your needs. This process allows us to learn more about you and your needs as well as our potential weaknesses. Your opinions give us the opportunity to help serve you better. DEMAND QUALITY AND EFFICIENCY: With our training and experience, there is no reason for inadequate quality of service or inefficient service. If you feel as though you have not received professional or satisfactory service, please ask for one of our managers so that we can do our best to remedy the situation. RELAY POSITIVE FEEDBACK: Your positive feedback about our services is just as important to us as your criticism. In every way we strive to give you what you need. When our employees are meeting those needs, and we hear about it from you, we are able to continue those services and also are able to recognize the efforts of those employees. LET US HELP YOU: Our employees are caring, knowledgeable, and human. Give them the pleasure of helping you. The staff and administration of Northwest Programs THANK YOU for your time and for your willingness to help us meet your unique needs.

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