Passage Foundation

About the Passage Foundation…

The Passage Foundation was created 12 years ago as a means to provide financial assistance to former residents and clients of both Northwest Passage and Northwest Counseling and Guidance Clinic. The community comes together and raises these funds with an annual golf scramble.

Northwest Systems have been committed to providing quality residential treatment and assessments for “at risk” kids for over 30 years. The Northwest System’s commitment to kids developed and expanded beyond residential programming in 2002. Northwest Counseling and Guidance Clinic and Northwest Journey have joined the Northwest continuum of care and helped respond to community planning and treatment. Hundreds of children and adolescents have benefited from our programs and have gone on to become healthy, productive community members. This has most often involved hard work, perseverance and personal risk. To acknowledge the ability of these former residents to overcome adversity, the Northwest System has developed a foundation, The Passage Foundation, which will help provide support or assistance through monetary scholarships.

This Foundation is entirely volunteer based and operates separately and independently from the Northwest System’s programs. The Awards Committee includes volunteer community members from throughout Wisconsin such as business men and women, judges, social service personnel, and education professionals.

The Mission of the Foundation…

  • To recognize and reward individual merit and effort of past residents of Northwest Journey, Northwest Passage Programs, including Northwest Passage Riverside, Northwest Passage Lakeshore, Northwest Passage Prairieview, and Northwest Child and Adolescent Center.
  • To provide support or assistance to those identified as having overcome adversity while demonstrating perseverance in the face of personal challenges and obstacles.
  • To acknowledge those who risk change despite their fear of repeating past failure.
  • To help those who lack resources but struggle to continue on a constructive path.

The Application Process…

The Passage foundation will grant monetary scholarships based on the following criteria:

  • Former client/resident of Northwest Journey or Northwest Passage Programs .
  • Nominations must be submitted in writing to the Board by any credible third party, including social workers, teachers, counselors, or other community representatives.
  • Awards will be based upon merit and need as presented by the nominating presenter. Merit will be judged by the Board based upon candidates demonstrating self-improvement through constructive deeds and actions in overcoming adversity. Genuine and constructive effort toward self-improvement shall be the primary factor in determining merit.
  • The Foundation shall make awards of support for any needs deemed credible by the Passage Foundation Board. These awards may include tuition costs, loan repayments, down payments, or any other credible need.

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Please contact our Foundation President, Mandy O’Malley, for more information e-mail: