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Northwest Connections(NWC) provides Emergency Mental Health Services to contracted counties in WI. This program is a collaborative effort between those county partners, service providers and law enforcement. NWC’s goal is to provide the least restrictive response to all crisis situations. Each county contracts for its specific service needs. See Map below

If you or someone you know is in crisis please call 888-552-6642 to reach the crisis line.

Services that Counties can contract for:

  • Telephone – The crisis line is answered by DHS 34 trained crisis staff. The goals of this service are to provide callers with information, support, assessment, intervention and response planning. All documentation is sent to the county for follow-up and linkage.
  • Mobile -This service is provided by DHS 34 trained crisis staff. The goals of this service are to provide onsite intervention, assessment and response planning. Availability is dependent on county contract.
  • Crisis Services for Children Network (CSCN) –  network is designed to develop out-of-home crisis stabilization facilities and assist counties with matching children experiencing a crisis to the most appropriate services.  Each contracted county identifies specific providers that can be used in their community.  Northwest Connections will match a child to crisis stabilization services, provide necessary training experiences to the providers, and coordinate services based on the individual county preferences.
  • Additional services upon request

What does least restrictive mean? Least restrictive indicates that through our assessments and interventions our goal is to put as few limits as possible on a person’s rights and individual freedoms while, at the same time, meeting the person’s care and support needs. Least restrictive outcomes include one or more of the following:

  • Receive information to pass onto the county for follow-up
  • Provide resources
  • Remain at home independently
  • Remain at home independently with stabilization phone calls
  • Creation of a community plan with a supportive person(in a person’s home or another supports home)
  • Voluntary Admission to a crisis stabilization bed(each county availability of this varies)
  • Voluntary Admission to an Inpatient Psychiatric Facility
  • Emergency Detention(involuntary admission to an  Inpatient Psychiatric Facility)

Are you/someone you care for in crisis?

NWC Crisis Line 888-552-6642: See the map below for counties served by NWC

Additional resources:

 If you have had contact with Northwest Connections and would like to provide us feedback: click here for our survey

Northwest Connections currently provides Emergency Mental Health services for the following counties:
Adams, Barron, Buffalo, Chippewa, Clark, Columbia, Crawford, Dodge, Dunn, Eau Claire, Grant, Green, Iowa, Jackson, Lafeyette, Manitowoc, Marquette, Monroe, Pepin, Pierce, Polk, Richland, Sauk, St. Croix, Tremplealeau, Washburn, and Wood.

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Contact us regarding our services:

Ashley Williams
Emergency Services Director and Call Center Clinical Coordinator