Northwest Connections


Independent Readings:

NWC Welcome


Mandated Reporting

Statue Review Part 1

Statue Review Part 2

HIPAA Training

NWCGC Policy Procedure Manual(Download Adobe Reader – free download)

NWCGC Policy Procedure Sign-off

Major Mental Illnesses – by Dr. David Mays

Suicide: Risk Assessment and Management – by Dr. David Mays

Counseling on Access to Lethal Means (CALM) training

Codes to be read:

34, 48, 92 and 94


Statutes to be read:

51 and 55


Videos and Supporting Resources

Community Solutions for Late Life Behavioral Challenges

Substance Abuse & Crisis Intervention

Youth & Family Crisis Assessment

It Takes a Village

Secure Folder

Adobe and Digital Signature


Additional Required Trainings:

Clients Rights Training – (Complete the following modules: Client Rights for Every Patient, The DHS 94 Grievance Procedure, and Client Rights Limitations or Denials)

WI Mandated Reporter Training